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Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

we always love you

desolate sadness accompany me think of your face 

the more visible signs you are elderly 

who had jet black hair has now faded to white 
your body is so long becoming increasingly shrinking sturdy 
I will miss you like a moment while ago 
I will miss his smile and that always accompany me your jokes 
I just hope you can fight all this illness 
so that I could always feel how I feel protected 
and feel happy to be in your affection 
remember when you were so bothered to raise my 
although rain nor heat hits your body, but you still 
trying to find sustenance for my needs and my brother brother 
until I finally my brother and sister can live independently. 
all the trials and obstacles that have always can we skip 
up to now, I'm sure and I really hope that this time 
"We also will be able to pass through this ordeal" 
all resources and efforts we will do for the sake of your healing 
I want to do you will always be there and to keep me company 
all the time until the child is a child and my nephew grow up 
O Allah, grant cure for the disease My father, 
Give him strength to fight illness 
Give My mother and our children in care patience 
Give us health and longevity so that we can always be together 
O God in your protection .......... 
forgive all our mistakes, give us your grace and guidance .... 

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