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Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

BloggerMag Version 2 Template

cara menginstal Template BloggerMag Version 2-SEO & Adsense Friendly Premium Blogger Template in Magazine style seperti Template saya ini adalah sebagai berikut  

1.Download the Template and open XML file.

2.Navigation bar

The template has two column navigation system. To enter the exact url for navigation search for
    and change the link URL to match the url in your blog post. For the second column nav bar search for
      and do the same.


    The Template has banner at the header with size 468×96.To add the banner ad find
    and add your ad code.
    Then find
    and add AdSense link unit  728×15 .Find ‘Sponsors’ and include Site-wide 120×600 Sidebar banner ads and 125×125 banner ads.Then find ‘Recent Articles’ and add the banner ad size 468×96.

    4.Featured Post slideshow

    For Featured Slideshow you need to create the label exactly like this ‘Featured’ and post your featured posts in the Featured label section,it will be displayed automatically in Featured Articles section.

    5.Category Thumbnail section

    In home page I include four category sections to show the recent posts of the each labels.To Assign your desired label for those sections find ‘category sections’ and assign your desired category title and label.

    6.Subscribe Widget

    and also
    then replace the ‘welcometospicytricks’ with your feedburner url.
    Its been hard for me to find time to make this template and I hope you guys like this piece of work. Just click the tweet button to share this post with your friends. Shoot out your suggestion and thoughts and queries by adding your comments.
    Update: JavaScript errors are fixed.And Page load time Improved

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