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Kamis, 04 November 2010

Falling In love with Shadow

Falling In love with Shadow: "I never thought that life could be this weird. You never know how you would find your true love until it came to you. Probably the most reasonable explanation for this odd situation was that I was totally out of my mind. My name is Elly and I am in my- twenty two year old of age- and yes, I was falling in love with shadow.
All happened when my mom and I bought an old pretty little house at southern part of our small peaceful town called Bestary. It took 2 hours to go down to capital city, but I kind like the atmosphere of it. Serene yet comforting.
Some folks said that we bought haunted house but since ghosts were not our cup of tea, we were happy enough to found a house that we afforded. I lived with my Mom only. My parents were divorced.
My Mom and I worked at a local banks, different banks of course and we found that we were tired enough to just noted that there were indeed something special about the house.
(To be continued)

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